part 1: more than looks

During our four day stay in Berlin on September 2009 for the Pyromusicale fireworks I stumbled upon a bike, almost tipping it over. The owner wasn't pleased but accepted the apologies. Having a closer look I realized this was the most awesome looking bike I ever encountered. Still a little shy because of the almost-crash I asked the owner to fire her up, which he did. From that moment I was convinced I had to have one of these brutal and perfectly designed bikes myself.

While returning home, the news has come to me that HD was about to seize the production of Buell motorcycles, due to an uncertain future caused by the economic crisis and thus lower selling rates. Harley made over $600million profit in 2008 and $70 million in 2009 because of the closures. Obviously $600 million profit was not enough to satisfy the shareholders.

Will this motorcycle become an icon of it's time or will it fade into oblivion?
Nevertheless, to my opinion time is running out and I seriously have to look for the motorbike of my dreams but... it's halfway September and the biking season is about to end. Now the funds are low and I need to sell my recent bike asap.
I know this is a bad plan. So what to do next?
Its May 2010 now and fortunately a salvaged bike importer down at the muddy province of Friesland has a 2008 XB12R for sale. He won't settle for a $750 downpayment in order to hold the XB parked untill more bucks come available. Many people don't show up even after making such a deposit, he says. Hm that's easy money.

But now true panic sets in.

Finally I managed to raise the funds needed for purchase. But just that. It needs to be repaired, tested by the Transportation Board in order to obtain a licence number/plate and the Dutch Revenue Services would like to collect a 'luxury tax' of about 22% of the value of the new bike minus a decrease related to the age and mileage of the bike, according to a predefined scale.
This overview will be in a non-technical setting because a more specific explanation will be a time consuming read that, in the end, might bore you. But you can always contact me through various media.

Yes that's Holland at its best. You don't pay taxes according to the value of the remains of a salvaged bike but you get charged double. You buy all new parts to restore it, to get it running again but you will be punished in the wallet for fixing it. You've just payed taxes (VAT, Sales Tax, BTW) on the parts and now they charge you for the added value. The bright neon lights are flashing "Just buy one in Europe you dummy" but I'm too blinded by the dream to take notice to that.

This is the Firebolt in a virgin like state. She's technically hurt. More than just a bit. And the hurting will get worse. A lot of repairs need to be taken care of and for the first time, Typeone's XB12S appears on my pc screen. A flashback from the German encounter sets in. Now I'm convinced that a transformation will be the next step in restoring this torque monsteress.

Yes its a girl. When you love to pamper your woman, your bike deserves no less attention. So its a she to me and the girlfriend is okay with that. But I got my mind made up, she will become a black XB12S rat bike roughly to Typeone's specifications.