part 3: trading parts

Now many Buell owners are known for their enthousiasm in making modifications to their bikes and like me, more than just a few are in for a hardcore transversy. Finding an owner to swap body parts with shouldn't be a problem. But when you are in some kind of a hurry (scared to miss out on stuff, caused by rumours of a soon to be parts scarce) the best thing to do is getting hold of the desired parts asap. Since time to wait for the right offer to appear is not an will cost. One would like to think that other Buellers are actually waiting for you to put your stuff on eBay. In fact they do but not at the moment it suits you best. See that great cover set below? The next owner payed $180 for it. A brand new black transformation set costed me a painful $550.
So after all skin color does matter!

The rear sub frame left the house for a lousy $200. I can assure you that a new S-type buddy seat and two rear subframe parts costed twice as much or over, including a new powder coating treatment.

I had my moments of wishing those cheapskate buyers a lot of sh*t with my great loss. But as long as the funds are within reach, who gives a rats ass. A garage sale showed not to be efficient enough so to some extent I had to rise the bread elsewhere.

My great example Typeone uses a double bulb analog tail light. Here I have my own preferences since we are not allowed to attach a licence plate to the rear trunk pan for no speed camera can register the plates' digits. Therefore the EU certified Rizoma ZBL021 becomes the tail of choice.

Although this piece of Italian design is an eye candy by itself, some modifications need to be made to get a proper fit. Besides of the looks of its rear, it made a bad impression for the $600 value tail and a licence plate holder.

The original blinkers are fitted for the Road Safety Boards check-up (and approval!) only.
The tail section and the front modules which encloses the headlight were found on eBay but both suffered some cosmetic wear so they were powdercoated in a color of choice. The tail modules are slightly more grey than the original clear metal color, the front modules are graphite gray with a medium flaky sparkle in it. Now the standard flyscreen seems a little dull to me and German manufacturer Frank Parts sells a new line of 'N' parts which includes a gilled version. The image below shows an inverted one so the glossy black finish doesn't show. Just to give an idea of the looks of it. This deviation from the original concept is well considered. At the time of Typeone's build these screens weren't availabe but I'm sure he would have chosen this very one.

It's like this. You have good Germans and there are bad Germans. The good ones are innovating designers that make classy stuff for your Buell. Like Frank Parts. Bad Germans are the ones with promisses they don't keep. Like the dudes at German Dernbach residing Fanatics Parts. The ordered Avon S-10 gas mask ended up to be a C-3 type. I returned the mask to these scumbags, to never hear from them ever again. Maybe they handle other orders more properly but to me they suck!

Anyhoo if you're looking out for one, I know where to find em. Through time I developed a Second nature to get hold of them for a decent price, say US$70. New they'll do $480.

Getting them goggles fitted well depends on the mask size. If you hate a tight fit (...) the dog bone (size 1) on the right will suit you fine, the true endeavour however takes the size 2 for a second skin. You wil know the difference by its final looks and effort to get them to fit properly.