homepart 4: the rebuild

Rebuilding a motorcycle seems te be quite simple in a rookies mind. But its not. The quality of most of the purchased parts are easily to determine on forehand, some are not. The wiring harness for instance is not known to be reliable untill after install. Well, I know all about that! The German seller was so kind to send me a good wiring loom but with it came with an outdated fuse box cover. Imagine having a fuse box in front of you. All fuses are missing and you have to figure out how to read the fuse box cover in order configure the layout the right way. This dummy tried to implement the layout viewed from the rear plus from an incompatible fuse box cover. WRONG! Dumbass!

Since the electronics are most essential to this bike not one value can be out of sync according to the expected readings to the ECM. Your Buell will not run if any input from a system device is out of parameter range. A yellow Engine Management Indicator will lit to make you aware of a problem during a continous system check and calibration.

But the story goes like this. After replacing the neccesary components to rebuild the Firebolt its time to light her up for the first time after completing the transition. You know what: she runs and idles great...for 12 seconds and all systems shut down instantly.

Reading the fuse layout upside down (and in the end in the wrong sequence) putting a new 10A fuse in a main 30A socket is wrong. Period.

Still using the wrong fuse setup, I manage to get the main juice back once again. But the EM-light comes back on after 8 seconds and she won't start. A purchased version of ECMSpy indicates a #33 error, indicating a fuell pump malfunction.

Having the electric diagrams at hand, the given error code doesn't make any sense. According to the fuse box layout everything ought to work properly. But it doesn't! It's about time to take it up with TwinMotorcycles for they seem to be wizards when it comes to Buell motorcycles.
Here we go!

The picture bottom left in the series shows Miss Minny Mouse parked at TM in IJsselstein, waiting for a cure. Which by the way was discovered quite rapidly. The newly powder coated rear modules lacked a proper grounding. Once this was fixed and also a re-ordering of the fuses, the engine picked up properly.

A very serious issue passed by without notice: all US export bikes will be drained from all fluids before shipping. So please check the engine and transmission oil levels before starting her up. When it comes to choosing the brand of oil, Mr. head tech mogul at EBR produced some convincing evidence why to go for Motul oil. If you're interested you can find plenty of knowledge about the subject on the internets.

Let's turn back to the timeline. One of TM's owners named Bud came up with the first solution in no-time. The seller (yet another German) sold me a cable harness with an old model cover box. So it was like Ministek to me, litteraly. This caused the bike to flame-out after 10sec. Ok now we got this clear, lets take a look at the rattling sound she sometimes makes while making an attempt to start her up. This seems to be a serious ground problem instead of a primary chain issue, although it really sounds that way. A lesson learned.

When powder coating the rear frame modules, make sure the inside ends of both connection points/ends are blank (clear of paint). In this particular case, a speed drill was used to clear the base of all four guiding holes. Or have a new gnd lead from the frame center ground cable (engine gnd as shown below) to both module gnd screws. Yet another issue solved! Thanks Bud!

Now this serious prob has been solved, its about time to have her checked up at the Dutch Transportation Board in order to get a bill of approval. AND the new licence plate initials! A few modifications need to be made to get her ready for the proving grounds. Like the horn, which needs to be attached on the outside. Using the original mounting it lacks the expected Decibels. A Jiffy switch which interrupts the ignition to function when the side stand is extended is manditory in the EU. US originated ECMs do not provide such a function and need to be flashed with the proper update First before the switch will be recognized by the system.

But hey, a lot of talking here but I haven't being sitting on my lazy ass so the bike is about ready for a final inspection by the RDW. Quite a few parts could not be installed because of a lack of EU approval. Now let's hope the emissions are well within range, with the original US big headers but with the Euro-3 ECM mapping. Lets find out.